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Standard First Aid/CPR/AED - Six hours - lecture, discussion, video, practical exercises.  The American Red Cross First
Aid,CPR/AED course is a first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training program designed to prepare individuals to provide
life saving care in situations that require immediate attention during sudden illnesses, accidents, or injuries that may occur in the home,
workplace, or community.  Certification cards are issued upon successful completion of the course.  $90.00
Bloodborne Pathogens-Two hours-lecture, discussion, video.  Bloodborne pathogens are infectious microorganisms in human
blood that can cause disease in humans.  These pathogens include, but are not limited to, hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV) and human
immunodeficiency virus (HIV).  In this session we will discuss ways to eliminate the hazards of occupational exposure to bloodborne
pathogens. $50.00
Crisis Intervention Techniques - Six hours - lecture, discussion, practical exercises.  Crisis intervention techniques is a two
part program designed to familiarize the participant with effective tools that can be used to defuse a conflict situation using verbal and
nonverbal techniques.  Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the program. $89.00
Cultural Diversity - Two and a half hours-lecture, discussion, interactive exercises.  Your response to diversity issues impacts
your bottom line.  Dollars are lost when you fail to address the needs of your employees and customers because of cultural differences.  
Diversity is not about Black, White, and Brown.  It’s about dollars and cents.  Productive time is lost when employees are frustrated
because they don’t feel a part of the team, or that  they are not valued because they are of a different race, gender, or age group, or
because their sexual orientation is outside what could be considered the norm.  Clients who encounter differential treatment solely because
of issues of diversity tend to take their business to more inclusive and accepting merchants.  During this session, we will discuss
techniques and methods that we can use to promote an understanding of the differences in others, and demonstrate how inclusiveness
can equate to an increase to your bottom line. $49.00
Effective Customer Service - Two and a half hours-lecture, discussion, interactive exercises.  Providing outstanding service
as part of the “package” that you present to your clients pays and pays well.  Studies conducted by business economists show that
companies rated high on the quality of their service tend to keep customers longer, have lower sales and marketing costs, and have better
net profits.  During this course we will explore seven specific ways to develop effective client relationships; demonstrate how to
effectively handle client complaints, and discuss some specific techniques that you can use to turn client complaints into a “win-win”
situation for you and your clients.  $49.00
8 Habits of a Healthy Relationship Two and a half hours - lecture, discussion, interactive exercises.  Building a
relationship is like building a home. It requires a plan, commitment to a lot of hard work, skills, the right tools, and even a permit.  A
healthy relationship is not always a picnic or a bed of roses, but it can be extremely rewarding and worthwhile. What are some of the
benefits of a healthy relationship? Why do people get involved and what drives people to stay together through the years? This course is
for anyone who is interested in developing and maintaining a healthy and positive relationship.  $49.00
How to Deal with Irate Clients - Two and a half hours-lecture, discussion, interactive exercises.  Every business has
them!!!   The dissatisfied client whose disappointment often times turn into irate behavior, because of the  perception of being mistreated
by you, or your organization.  During this session we discuss how to recognize the signs of frustration that can lead to irate client  
behavior, how to respond appropriately to irate clients, and how the client’s behavior can affect our we response to them. $49.00
Leadership - Three hours–lecture, discussion and interactive exercises.  Leadership is an important part of the total team process.  
During this program we discuss some basic leadership strategies that are designed to break negative leadership practices and build positive
ones.  We will discuss the leader’s role as a change agent and outline some techniques that can be used to motivate employees to higher
performance.  We will demonstrate some  proven steps to positive leadership performance.  $49.00
Management Skills -Three hours-lecture, discussion, and interactive exercises.  Your results as a manager depends upon the
performance of other people.  Employees come with a variety of values and belief systems that motivate their behavior and actions.  The
key to success as a manager is to know how to mold diverse personalities into a productive team.  This program is designed to enhance
your interpersonal management skills and help you gain a deeper understanding of your role as a manager.  We will outline the steps to
effective team work, discuss ways to handle difficult employees and review some strategies that will turn resistance into loyal support.  
Motivation - The Key to Success - Six hours - lecture, discussion, interactive exercises.  During this lesson we will
discuss several factors that can hinder our natural desire to set and attain goals.  We will look at the “fear factor” of motivation, and
outline the steps that we can take to turn the “fear factor” into a motivating force.  We will compare and contrast intrinsic and extrinsic
motivation and the role that  perception plays in the process of self-motivation. $49.00
Stress Management- Three hours - lecture, discussion, interactive exercises.  During this lesson we will discuss stress, how it
can affect us, and how it impacts our relationship with our families, friends, clients,  and fellow employees.   We will distinguish between
“good stress” and “bad stress”, discuss the role that perception plays in the  development of stress as well as outline some effective
coping techniques.  $49.00
The Challenge of Change -Three hours - lecture, discussion, video, interactive exercises.  Change is a constant variable in the
global business world as well as our every day lives.  New methods of delivering services, new processes, new people with conflicting
ideas and opinions, new technologies and competing resources all come together to make change a challenge.  If not handled properly,
change can cause a breakdown in the production of a business or organization, affect individual performance, or even cause stress related
illness.  During this session we will outline some techniques for dealing effectively with change and the uncertainty that it can bring.  
The Write Techniques -  Six hours - lecture, discussion, practical exercises.  Every letter, memo, report, e-mail or proposal
that you write makes a statement about you and your organization.  This workshop is designed to help you improve your writing skills by
providing you with contemporary advice on the style, tone, and format of effective business writing in today’s global business world.  
Transitioning from Employee to Supervisor - Three hours-lecture, discussion, interactive exercises.  The role of
supervisor in a contemporary agency is perhaps more significant than any other position within the organization.  A successful transition
from an employee role into this role depends upon how well one understands the concept of supervision, the importance of
communication in the supervision process, and the effect that the supervisor’s behavior has upon employees, superiors and peers.  During
this lesson, we will discuss the traits that employees look for in supervisors; examine some ways to develop open lines of communication
with employees; and review some effective techniques for managing former peers.     $49.00     
Social Media Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses   - Three hours, lecture, discussion, interactive
exercises. Social media platforms have been come more than a way for us to communicate with friends and family. Over the years it has
come to be the norm for all types of businesses from mom and pop restaurants to Silicon Valley start-ups to use it as a means to connect
with existing clients and potential prospects. When optimized and managed effectively it can be used to drive traffic to websites, engage
existing clients and generate leads that could be an avenue to potential customers. In essence, social media can be a catalyst to more sales
and revenue for small businesses. Over the last decade, the use of social media has evolved as a dominate means of marketing products
and services in a global business environment.  $49.00
How to Develop a Business Plan - Four hours, lecture, discussion, interactive exercises. Business plans provide
guidance to businesses and organizations to establish their purpose, including mission, vision and values, as well as product and/or
service, target audience and the strategies they will use to achieve success. A successfully developed business plan will include a situation
analysis, a SWOT analysis and clearly outlined goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. During this session we will provide hands on
practical training and exercises to guide you through the steps to successfully develop your business plan.   $49.00

Resource Management for Small Businesses -Three hours, lecture, discussion, interactive exercises.
Effective human resource management aligns with and supports your business's short and long-term goals. In this session we  
   review the key areas of performance management, performance appraisal, and compensation management as critical drivers of small
   business success.  
Effective Networking Strategies for the Small Business Owner Three hours, interactive exercises.
   Successful networking is rooted in one’s ability to nurture and grow lasting and supportive relationships with clients, vendors,
   employees, supporters, family, friends, and other stakeholders. This requires due diligence on your part. There is no down time.  
   It is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week job. During this session, we will help you develop an effective networking strategy to guide
   you toward attaining visibility, profitability, and sustainability for your business.  
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