Vanessa Prentiss
Public Relations and Communications Professional
"Joseph Broger is a very knowledgeable person in the
services he and his company provides. My company has used
his company numerous times. We were very satisfied with the
services received." November 28, 2011, Vanessa was
Joseph's client

Michelle Mangum
Training Director at MS Dept of Health
"I'ved worked with Joe Broger's company "WeBase
Management Solutions" to conduct CPR training for our
employees more than once. We recieved excellent and
professional training that was very effective. I would
recommend WeBase Management Solutions for those who
need a reliable company to meet all of your training needs."
August 12, 2013, Michelle was Joseph's client

Nancy Meaders
Consultant at Meaders Consulting, LLC
"Joe always does a great job with any training that he
conducts. His trainees are complimentary of his training
October 10, 2013, Nancy worked with Joseph at Mississippi
Department of Human Services

David Peyton
STD/HIV Surveillance Director at Mississippi State
Department of Health
"Joseph provides great staff development training referencing
customer service and effective communication." October 9,
2011, David was Joseph's client

Lucinda Wade-Robinson
Special Projects Officer at Mississippi Department of Human
"Joseph is professional and very thorough with his work. He
has great training capabilities and is a very good person to
work with."  October 9, 2013, Lucinda worked with Joseph at
Mississippi Department of Human Services

Mike Bullard
Director of Networks & Security at State of  MS- MDHS
"Joe Broger is a highly professional HR employee for the
Mississippi Department of Human Services with outstanding
Educational and Professional credentials. Joe conducts and
manages Professional Training for MDHS with over 3,800
employees in over 150 locations."  October 9, 2013, Mike
worked with Joseph at Mississippi Department of Human

Jayna Peterson
Child Support Regional Director at Mississippi Department of
Human Services
"Joseph is a great trainer and ran a very good crew. I have to
say that I always learned something in his workshops. Joseph
is very professional and has excellent people skills. He would
be an asset to any company."  September 2, 2014, Jayna
worked indirectly for Joseph at Mississippi Department of
Human Services

Mark Smith
Deputy Executive Director at Mississippi Department of
Human Services
"Joseph provides outstanding training that creates new
thoughts and ideas at all levels of the agency. His manner of
training enhances our professionalism, our productivity, and
enables our workforce to develop and utilize critical thinking
skills necessary to solve very complex problems. His training
is always based on train to standard not to time. This allows
our agency to keep up with current mandatory requirements
and to readily adapt to new and evolving challenges."  
November 26, 2013, Mark managed Joseph indirectly at
Mississippi Department of Human services.

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"Empowering the community through
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