WeBase Management Solutions, LLC
"Empowering the community through skill development."

At WeBase we focus on human capital and small business development. Whether we are working for an agency,
organization, company, or individual our training and development sessions make a difference. Because at WeBase, we
provide more than a service, we empower!
  • We provide workshops and training and development programs for organizations, civic groups and businesses in
    the public and private sector.  .
  • Our staff is trained and certified in the areas of workforce development, project management, training, research
    and development, crisis intervention, and various other credentialed programs.
  • Our small business component provides development services ranging from certification trainings to development
    of business plans and business structure.  
  • We host small business summits and networking events designed to help small businesses facilitate productive
    business relationships.
  • We respond to RFPs, RFQs, and conduct bid assessments
  • We research and write grant proposals
  • We facilitate small business certification processes

Through our "Get Motivated" Networking and Breakfast Expos we bring small businesses
together to engage, learn, and explore ways to support each other in our efforts to achieve
visibility, profitability, and sustainability for our businesses.  
For information about our program or offerings, you may contact us at 601-613-2340 or email
at jbroger@webasemanagement.com.
"Empowering the community through skill development"
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