WeBase Management Solutions, LLC

"Empowering the community through skill development."

WeBase Management Solutions, LLC is a training and performance management firm with a focus on human capital and small business
development. Our primary emphasis is the research, development and implementation of training modules that enhance individual skills and
improve performance. We offer a curriculum design that places the development of knowledge and practical skills at the forefront of the
training process.

Our small business development component provides services to small businesses that enhances their potential for success.  These services
include conducting business development planning sessions, developing business plans, formulating policies, responding to RFPs, conducting
research and hosting networking events and small business summits. Our primary objective is to help small business owners attain visibility,
profitability, and sustainability in the marketplace.

Engagement is the key to small business success! In  2015 we began the "Get Motivated " Networking Breakfast and Expo initiative to offer a
platform for small business owners to meet, engage, share best practices and discuss small business concerns in a social environment with the
goal of fostering relationships and mutual support. We want to encourage more involvement from local established businesses as a means to
support small business development not only through training and research but also through tangible means such as the formation of
partnerships and joint ventures on the local and community levels.
Mission Statement
At WeBase we focus on human capital and small business development. Whether we are working for an
agency, organization, company, group or individual; we provide training and performance management
workshops that make a difference, because at WeBase, we provide more than a service. We Empower!
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"Empowering the community through skill development"