WeBase Management Solutions, LLC
931 Highway 80 West, Suite 212
Jackson, Mississippi 39204

"Empowering the community through skill development."

We are a training firm with a focus on Human Capital Development

  • We provide workshops and training and development programs for organizations, civic groups and
    businesses in the public and private sector.  .
  • Our staff is trained and certified in the areas of workforce development, project management, training,
    research and development, crisis intervention, and various other credentialed programs.    
  • Our small business component provides development services ranging from certification trainings to
    development of business plans and structure.  
  • We host small business summits and networking events designed to help small businesses facilitate
    productive business relationships.  
For information and/or registration, you may contact us at
601-613-2340 or email at info@webasemanagement.com.
"Empowering the community through skill development"
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